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You have chosen what Cookies, besides the necessary Cookies, you want to accept. The Cookies that this website uses, besides the necessary cookies, are performance and analyze improvement cookies that track data to programs like Google Analytics and Hotjar. Contact us for more specific information about what tracking programs we use.

These tracking programs help us understand which of our web pages and services are relevant for our visitors. They generate statistics on how many visitors we got and which web pages are most popular. With the help of the statistics, we can improve our website and make it more user-friendly for our visitors.

A cookie consists of a small text file that contains unique data. The cookie is sent from the website to your browser and is later saved on your hard drive to make it possible for the website to recognize your computer. Cookies are used on most websites to make them more user-friendly, and they do not pose a security risk. The information we gather with the cookies is anonymous and doesn't contain personal information such as name or email address. We will never leave your information to a third party. We do not use any cookies for marketing purposes. You can block and delete cookies that have been stored. You do this in your browser. Keep in mind that if you choose to block the cookies completely, this can lead to impaired functionality and that the website does not work as intended.

Avoiding cookies.
You have chosen what cookies you want to accept on your first visit to our website. If you don't want to accept cookies, you can install your browser to decline the tracking of cookies or inform you every time the website wants to track cookies. You can also install your browser to delete the already stored cookies. Visit the browser's help center for further information. You can decline the tracking of persistent cookies without missing out on the website's functionality. When declining sessions-cookies, you risk not getting access to the whole website.

Further information.
You can find further information about cookies on The Swedish post and telecom authority's website www.pts.se.

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